Uphostery Cleaning

When it comes to upholstery cleaning we are the experts. We have a lot of education and experience to safely clean your upholstery items. From dining room chairs, antiques, auto interior, to the sofa in the living room. We can help! Furniture can really take a lot of abuse especially when it comes to kids and pets. Oil from the skin starts to show on the fabric and soil on the arm rests and cushions start to get abrasive and wear down the fabric. Let us come clean and disinfect your furniture making it feel like new again. Given you great peace of mind when you finally sit down to rest after a long day.

Contact or give us a call at 706-525-9102.

Our Process

  1. Pre inspecting your furniture. Looking out for spots, worn areas, and any pre exsisting tears or damage. removing wax from couch
  2. Thoroughly vacuuming your upholstery with a hepa vacuum system removing all the dirt, dust, hair, allergens, mold spores, etc. This is important because it gets all the surface dirt and soil off prior to cleaning (again prepping and attention to detail makes a huge diference in the outcome) Vacuuming even into the cracks and seams of the furniture to get any dirt or crumbs inside.
  3. Removing excess pet hair. We use a special brush to remove any stubborn pet hair that gets caught into the fibers of your furniture
  4. Pre treating any spots on your furniture such as spills, stains, oils and grease.
  5. Using an encapsulator dry foaming upholstery cleaning agent(Strong Dry Green) that traps all the dirt and soil leaving no residue and stiffness or stickyness afterwords. This also allows your furniture to dry ultra fast not having to wait all day to use it again.
  6. Wiping all furniture down with a microfiber cloth to alow for even faster drying and re setting the nap.
  7. Final inspection. Doing a final check on your furniture and letting you see how much brighter it is and brought back to life! Ensuring your complete satisfaction.