Hardwood Cleaning

Have hardwood or laminate floors? Have they gotten dull over time and need a thorough cleaning to revive them? We remove all the soil, dust, hair, and grit that cause scratching. While we can really bring back the life to your floors it is not the same as if you had them completely re-finished. It will however be much more affordable and bring back those beautiful floors that you cherish.

Contact or give us a call at 706-525-9102.

Our Process

  1. Thoroughly vacuuming your hardwoods with our hepa vacuum system removing all the grit, dirt, hair, dust, etc. Also including vacuuming all the baseboards and cracks thoroughly.
  2. Spraying a hardwood cleaning agent that is completely safe for your hardwoods which helps break down any oils, grease, food spots, etc.
  3. We then buff and polish your hardwoods with our buffer. helping smooth out some of the scratches and remove all the oils, grease, spots, etc.
  4. We used hardwood stain to fill in any prior scratches or damage(this is not resanding but just something we try to do to help make the overall look more visually appealing).
  5. After the buffing we go over it all again with a finner cloth on our buffer to really smooth everything out.
  6. We do a final inspection to show your how much brighter your hardwoods look and how much they are brought back to life. Also to ensure your complete satisfaction.